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Ever so often there comes along a true talent that catches my attention. The amazing Dilana did so the moment I first saw and heard her sing on the reality music show, "Rock Star Supernova." I just sat back in my chair with my jaw dropping to the floor. Her voice has to be one of the most powerful, yet mesmerizing that I've ever heard. Let's just say, Dilana could make one of the crappiest songs sound golden! So, with that said, I give you my interview with Dilana.

After I got over the shock that you agreed to do the interview, I have been wondering what questions I wanted to ask. I guess for folks that might not be familiar with your amazing talent, could you share a bit about your childhood?

** I was born n raised in s Africa. I had a tough childhood. Compared to average American families, we were poor. I never finished school, I hated it. I didn't get along with my mom, I guess I was rebellious n we "bumped heads" A LOT. when I was 15, the madness grew out of control and I ran away to be one of a traveling duo. So music was an escape. I've never stopped running haha.

When did you come to The United States, what was your first gig like and where?

** My 1st visit to the states was in 1999. Nyc seemed larger than life. I remember feeling petrified. Meetings with top record execs etc...a showcase for 16 major labels at S.I.R. was my 1st gig I guess. I officially moved here right after 9/11.

I love powerful women in music, like the late Wendy O. Williams to Lydia Lunch. How would you describe your music and style?

**I'd say, it's rock with a touch of everything else mixed in. I have so many different colors n favors that it's impossible for me to put a label on my music or style. I just love so many sounds and feelings and emotions change from song to song which effects the mood. One thing for sure is that my songs are always filled with truth, real lyrics and most of the time, come from an experience.

Who has or does influence your music?

** ppl. Real life experiences. Love mostly. Pain.

Is there anyone you would absolutely love to work with?

** sadly he's left us but if I ever had the opportunity when he was alive, the late n great Roy Orbison. I'd love to work with T Bone Burnett, Joe Henry and Tom Waitts!

You won the Best Actress Award for Angel Camouflaged and did several songs for the soundtrack. What was it like to work on the set? Also, where can folks in the States find this?

** it's not released n the USA yet. Ppl in Aussie can get it. I won 2 best actress awards and one for best music! Totally bragging now haha. I loved the experience and would do it again in a heart beat. it's not easy though...there is sooo much "hurry the f*ck up n wait" that goes along with it. I'd love to do a comedy and a drama some day. I know I've just touched the tip with Angel Camouflaged.

The day you announced you would be the lead singer for L.A. Guns, I remember having mixed emotions. I don't know if it's because I've never been a big fan of them, but needless to say, you made the group sound 100% better. It didn't last long. Do you have any comments about the situation? I have a feeling you are going to tell me we will have to wait for the book. LOL!

** I've been biting my lip AOUT the La Guns story for months now. It hasn't been easy. Ppl who have NO IDEA about what really goes on with tracii guns tour, have said all KINDSA nasty things and pointed fingers and assumed things. But I really don't care. Sure, I wish I could just tell my story but I think its more powerful to just keep my mouth shut. Tracii KNOWS what he did and did NOT do. I doubt it even phases him, but maybe, hopefully, he learned something from this. I've heard so many similar stories from many other musicians who have also worked with him, he's almost a joke amongst many. If he feels good living with his' conscience, good for him. Karma will catch up at some point.

I know you are involved with charity work. Which ones?

My main one is called SAFE PASSAGE. It's a foundation that helps abused women and children. I love to round up a group of close gf's and go to the shelters. We take food and gifts and I take my acoustic guitar and sing a few songs for them. We usually end up sharing life experiences, laughing and crying. And then I always ask my fans to donate to children's charities instead of sending me gifts. I mainly try and support children with HIV and AIDS. Basically anywhere I can help children, whether it be abuse, terminal disease or music.

Recently you ran a Kickstarter to help fund your CD. What was it like to exceed your goal? What can people expect from your creations?

** I'm STILL amazed by the outpouring of love and support from my beautiful friends and fans!! I was really nervous about not reaching my goal of 25k but ended up with over 32k! I feel loved, blessed and very fortunate. People can expect a new record very true to me. Some surprises as far as styles. I'd love to present musical sides of myself that not many know about. Maybe even I don't, yet haha! It will be a record with a lot of passion and heartfelt lyrics. I'm very excited!!

I really appreciate you taking the time to answer these questions. You are a wonderful talent and the fans love your spirit! I wish you all the best and can't wait until the day I get to see you perform live!

****** IM SO SORRY FOR THE LONG WAIT DOLL FACE!! Thanks for believing in me! Fat hug!
D xoxoxox



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